KAY VYGEN - Sculptures


*31.10.1971 in Duisburg

Childhood in Bonn

Law-school with degree in Marburg und Hamburg

Travels to India and south-east-asia

2 years in different film-productions (commercials and documentaries)

  • Assistent for a documentary in Bolivia

  • Sound-engineer for a documentary in Ecuador

  • Executive-producer for the documentary „Flüssig“ by Thomas Struck

Since 2002 living and working full time as a sculptor in the south of France, in the village of Saint Privat

1. September - 15. October 2007 Artist in residence at “The brewery” Los Angeles, USA

Since the beginning of 2008, living and working also in the cities of Berlin and Vienna

Represented by the galleries Prisma in Vienna and Bremer in Berlin